Philips tugs at heartstrings with the #KhayaalRakhna campaign

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Philips Campaign #KhayaalRakhna

With #KhayaalRakhna, Philips shares the importance of taking care of your mental well-being along with your physical health while looking after others. The brand aims to facilitate resources that might help people power through these trying times. 

History is rife with instances of human perseverance and endurance despite testing times. Unfortunately, in 2020, humankind saw yet another period of crisis presenting an unprecedented pandemic and the woes that followed. Despite people making an attempt to persist and brace forward amidst the obstacles, one of the biggest challenges of these times is mental health awareness and related issues. In a bid to address this problem, Philips released its latest initiative as a reminder to people about the relevance of mental health through a heart-warming narrative.

It is said that people can heal others only when they heal themselves and remain healthy in mind, body, and soul. At a time when humans make an effort to go the extra mile for their loved ones, Philips India nudges individuals to take care of themselves first, especially their mental and emotional well-being while taking care of others through the #KhayaalRakhna campaign.

The campaign video commences with a profound statement, urging people to let go of their worries and cherish the smallest yet heartfelt moments with their loved ones and families. Then, as we move further, the ad highlights ways of staying rejuvenated and optimistic in these troubling times.

From living in the moment and not intermixing work and fun to connecting and making time for friends, the Philips India campaign motivates people to express themselves fully and not hesitate to ask for help from counselors/mental health experts during this period.

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Further, the brand has collaborated with women’s lifestyle platforms to expand the initiative that seeks to offer a repository of content, resources, and support around the subject, touching upon various topics like anxiety, depression, grief, and more through multiple articles, videos, social media posts, live sessions, and webinars.

In line with the campaign, these platforms have also partnered with healthcare providers to sponsor complimentary one-on-one consultations with a team of mental health and wellness experts.

Sensitizing the Indian audience about the pandemic-induced mental health challenges and their significance in recent times, Philips’ #KhayaalRakhna initiative plans to thwart the mental health taboos. The brand is trying to prepare people to embrace the challenges, seek help, and take care of themselves to be able to take care of everyone else.

As people continue to persevere, find a glimmer of hope and solace in life, the brand hopes to spread massive awareness and improve mental health in the country by helping individuals with the resources they need.

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