Pinterest campaign shows how the LBGTQIA+ community represents themselves

Paawan Sunam
Jun 14, 2021 09:33 IST
New Update
Pinterest campaign

Minorities in the world have always faced a major lack of representation in mainstream media, and the new Pinterest campaign portrays how the LGBTQIA+ community represents themselves and found their voice on the platform.

Representation is one of the most significant factors impacting how individuals view themselves and how society perceives these individuals, and the LGBTQIA+ community has been one of the several circles that have been almost non-existent in conventional mass media until recent years. The Pinterest campaign underlines how the social media uprising has enabled familiarity.

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Searches on 'bisexual pride flag' (up 5x), 'genderfluid flag' (up 4.5x), 'lesbian flag' (up 4x), 'asexual flag' (up 3x), 'coming out cake' (up by 2.5x), 'coming out party' grew by 67% continue to grow in popularity year over year on Pinterest.

The community continues to create and engage with content that marks representation. The new campaign highlights this facet of the social network by featuring six members of the community from around the world who found the platform to be a haven for free expression, and being their true selves, and showing their true colors.

The campaign is a part of the initiative by Pinterest celebrating Pride Month. The platform also introduced a feature that lets users add their choice of pronouns to their profile. Content from creators from the LGBTQIA+ community would be featured in the Today tab. Pinterest will also be hosting a global virtual event to celebrate Pride.

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