Red FM spreads the message of hope & inspiration with ‘Hausla High Rakh’

Red FM hausla high rakh

In a bid to salute the resilient spirit of India, Red FM attempts to spread the message of hope and inspiration with the ‘Hausla High Rakh’ campaign, celebrating the tireless efforts of the frontline warriors across India along with a soulful anthem.

With the ongoing challenges surrounding citizens owing to the COVID-19 second wave, the one thing that has kept us going is the hope for a better tomorrow. Despite the obstacles, our frontline warriors are leaving no stones unturned to keep the hopes alive with their relentless and unabated efforts. As we brace forward, Red FM celebrates this resilient spirit of the nation, with its latest initiative, Hausla High Rakh.

Backed with a soulful anthem sung by Shekhar Ravjiani, the campaign features the music composer and singer along with Suresh Raina as they salute the frontline workers, urging people to not lose hope during this period. Reminding them of their inner strength, the campaign lyrics boasts of an undying sense of duty and the need to keep moving forward to achieve triumph over adversities.

As we move further in the campaign, Red FM showcases the netizens from across the country, rising to the occasion and providing unconditional support in times of need. With Suresh Raina and Shekhar Ravjiani as the faces of the campaign, the video appears to be self-shot by the celebrities in the work-from-home scenario of the lockdown. 

The campaign presents glimpses of ordinary citizens and healthcare workers going beyond their call of duty to help people overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

True to the spirit of working from home and being resilient in the face of the pandemic, the video is entirely executed within the confines of the four walls due to the prevailing lockdown situation. RED FM team along with Suresh and Shekhar left no stones unturned to bring the campaign to life.

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As a part of the campaign, Suresh Raina also shared updates on hope and optimism connected with the COVID-19 warriors through online conversations.

Further, as part of the campaign, the brand leveraged the Instagram Live feature to bring weekly celebrity interactions led by RJ Raunac.

Through this campaign, Red FM aims at sending out a message of positivity along with lauding human resilience, grit, and determination during these testing times of pandemic.