KyaTrade’s new campaign brings to light the expertise needed in stock trading

KyaTrade campaign 1

KyaTrade’s new campaign sheds light on the fact that stock trading and investment requires knowledge and guidance, and isn’t a piece of cake like it is usually made to be.

Over the last few years, India has seen a surge in the number of Demat accounts. A lot of stockbrokers have evolved that enable convenient ways to trade and invest in stock markets. Most of these platforms ride on the simplicity of UI/UX and highlight the ease of use to invest in the stock market.

While the rise of platforms and the ease of transactions has opened doors for more financial participation, making right and informed decisions and starting right might be the need of the hour. Stock market investing isn’t easy and requires expertise and understanding. Filling this communication gap for new investors, KyaTrade’s campaign focuses on the fact that while opening a Demat account and placing an order might be easy, making a decision is not a piece of cake or to say, ‘Halwa hai kya’!

Most newcomers trade or invest without a proper strategy or guidance, ultimately losing their hard-earned money. Thus, it is essential to provide customers with a platform that helps them trade at the right market time. With this insight at core, KyaTrade’s campaign talks about the platform being a helping hand in providing expert-curated ideas with an inbuilt risk management system that helps investors traders invest with confidence.

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The campaign video commences with showcasing people in their daily life routines at which they excel, but struggle in terms of making a decision in trading. KyaTrade leveraged the consumer sentiment associated with the stock market where they often show interest but are clueless about where to begin.

The campaign further questions the notion of ease in investments as portrayed in other ads, with the protagonist asking “Halwa Hai Kya?”, indicating that making money from stock trading requires guidance, which the brand provides.