Snapchat introduces creative tools to celebrate Pride

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Snapchat Pride

The suite of creative tools by Snapchat that enable users to celebrate Pride virtually include augmented reality Lenses, stickers, a customizable Pride flag, and more.

The tools by Snapchat have been designed to embrace the wide-ranging physical expressions and reflection of inclusive pronouns and revere in Pride. The new versions of Pride Flags and Lenses intend to support the spectrum of identities and highlight diversity through non-linear gradients and color spectrums.

Snapchat has collaborated with Pride Basics, a 100% LGBTQIA+ owned and operated printer, to launch the Pride Flag that can be created through a custom Lens to virtually select the Pride flag that best represents the user. The flag can also be printed out in physical form and shipped to the user.

Each flag integrates optical elements that represent the fluidity of Pride, and users can personalize each flag and make them unique to suit their identity using Pride stickers.

Furthermore, Snapchat had recently also announced a few initiatives for mental health awareness. The platform teamed up with AdCouncil to develop the 'Seize The Awkward' national Filter and Lens to provide the users with unique conversation starters that spark discussions about mental health.

For another way to raise awareness and help debunk the stigma surrounding mental health, Snapchat also rolled out new Bitmoji Stickers that are paired with resources to find additional support. Snapchat is also debuted a new Snap Original, 'Everything’s Fine'.