Snapchat premieres new Creator Shows

Snapchat Shows

Snapchat premieres new creator shows on Snapchat Discover, which was first announced in October 2020 alongside a slate of other exclusive Snap Original content.

Snap announced the launch of its first local and original Indian Creator Shows, produced by Qyuki and Weirdass comedy, respectively, featuring leading television actress Anushka Sen and Vir Das. The shows are powered by unique concepts and relatable characters made for Snapchat’s mobile-first audience. These shows, which will air exclusively on Snapchat Discover, were first announced in October 2020 alongside a slate of other exclusive and Snap Original content.

Like all Shows on Snapchat, episodes average three to five minutes in length, are full-screen vertical, and paced for mobile.

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“Shows on Snapchat are designed to both inform and entertain: created to reflect and celebrate the diverse voices, experiences, and passions of the global community of Snapchatters. Snap’s unique original programming is locally nuanced for Indian viewers. We’re thrilled to launch these two new Creator shows – each one a window into the lives of some of India’s most popular creators. ” said Vanessa Guthrie, Head of Snap Originals.

As of March 2021, Snap’s daily active user base in India grew by over 100% every quarter for the last five quarters.