Surf Excel Introduces 3 in 1 Smart Shot laundry solution

Surf Excel

In a bid to make the chore of doing laundry more efficient, Surf Excel launched the 3 in 1 Smart Shot, a single-use soluble liquid detergent capsule with a unique three-chamber design, specially designed for fully automatic front and top load washing machines.

With 3 in 1 Smart Shot, one can simplify the laundry process by just putting one Smart Shot into the empty drum of the washing machine before adding the laundry. Its highly concentrated formula will deliver superior cleanliness of the clothes and hyper convenience for the user. Also, the capsule is completely soluble in water, leaving no residue on the clothes or in the machine. The pre-packed detergent is a great way to prevent spills, wastage, and overdosing. There is also no opportunity for the liquids to come into contact with the skin if used as recommended.

The product contains smart technology for advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance, and care for fabrics, held together in the three chambers.

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Speaking on the launch of Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shot, Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director and VP, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. said, “Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shot is a breakthrough in design required to match the evolving needs of hyper convenience for the consumers. With the Surf Excel 3 in 1 Smart Shot, we are delighted to give consumers a quick and upgraded laundry experience. We know that the Indian consumer is discerning and looking for ways to decrease the load of household chores with innovative and efficient products, and we have always strived to provide such solutions.”