Twitter develops controls for your mentions on others’ Tweets

Twitter Mentions

Mentions on Twitter can often be abused or misused to potentially harass a fellow user, or just lead to unwanted attention or conversations, the new updates address more of such concerns.

Dominic Camozzi, Privacy Designer, Twitter has shared a few ongoing developments for mentions on the platform. The features may not be widely available, as it is in the initial stage of rollout and is being improved on the basis of feedback.

Twitter Unmentions

Twitter users now have the option to unmention themself and not participate or be associated with unwanted conversations. Users can tap the three horizontal dots on the top right of the corner of the tweet and click ‘Unmention yourself from this conversation’.

Users can also undo this action, or edit their mentions in privacy and safety settings. This option can enable users to avoid being bombarded with notifications from conversations that they are not interested in but are blowing up.

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Notifications For Unsolicited Mentions

Users will see a special notification for such mentions. When a user unmentions themselves from a tweet, when the tweet’s author is someone they don’t follow, the tweet’s author will not be allowed to mentioning them again in the future.

Restrict Mentions

This feature is specifically useful for personalities or users who face targeted harassment on the platform. In recent years, we have observed several cases wherein a group of users troll or abuse a specific user.

For such cases, users can restrict all accounts from mentioning for one, three, or seven days.