WhatsApp Business announces updates for a speedy experience

Samriddhi Bisht
Jun 03, 2021 06:00 IST
New Update
WhatsApp Business updates

WhatsApp Business updates include new messaging features, support for more types of messages, a faster set-up process, and more.

The updates are an attempt to make it easier and quicker for businesses to chat and converse with people through the WhatsApp Business API. 

Get Started Faster: The messaging app has reduced the time it takes for businesses to be set up and get running on the platform from few weeks to five minutes, regardless of the business being supported by Facebook or a business solution provider.

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Receive Additional Information From Businesses: WhatsApp will now be supporting more types of messages other than the timely notifications, which makes follow-ups with customers inconvenient outside a 24-hour window. The support for more types of messages will enable businesses to notify consumers of updates such as desired items being available, delivery resuming in certain locations, and more.

Respond To Businesses In New Ways: The new messaging feature includes a list of messages comprising of 10 options that businesses can select through their Business API account, so they don't need to type out responses to the customer. Up to three options can be selected to be set as quick replies enabled through the reply buttons.

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