Wondrlab appoints Bilal Ansari as Lead – Data

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Jun 15, 2021 04:30 IST
Bilal Ansari Wondrlab

As part of the new role, Bilal Ansari will help Wondrlab to bolster its data capabilities through his knowledge of analytics, consumer behavior, and more, in line with the platform-first approach of the organization.

In an attempt to strengthen its data capabilities, Wondrlab has appointed Bilal Ansari as Lead – Data as an addition to its senior leadership team.

With expertise in data analysis for business and brand solutions – social listening, online reputation management, social media analytics, website analyses, consumer behavior analyses, consumer journey mapping, funnel planning, platform performance, Ansari knows how learnings from these sources add value to brand and business strategy. He will report to Rakesh Hinduja, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Content Platform, Wondrlab, in bringing these practices to the start-up.

Bilal joins Wondrlab from TikTok – ByteDance, where he was the Content Solutions Manager. He has also worked extensively with Digitas India, which was where his role evolved from social media to digital strategy and finally to his core – data strategy. He has significantly contributed to all key Publicis Communications clients such as Spotify, Jeep, Nivea, Philip Morris International, and Zee5, to name a few.

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Speaking about Bilal’s appointment, Rakesh Hinduja, Co-Founder, Wondrlab India, said, “Data is the focal point of every solution we execute at Wondrlab. However, the expertise for it isn’t easy to come by, and we are glad we have found the right fit in Bilal. His knowledge comes together at the holy trinity of data, analytics, and consumer behavior, making his expertise quintessential to our platform-first approach. We look forward to an exciting partnership with him on all our key clients."

Speaking bout his new role, Bilal Ansari, Lead – Data, Wondrlab, said, “The opportunity to set up a data-led practice from scratch posed an interesting challenge. Add to that, I get to do it at an exciting platform-first startup-like Wondrlab, making the challenge all the more fascinating. I am really looking forward to working with the team, most of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past, and bringing this to life.”

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