YouTube adds 5 new updates to Analytics


YouTube is rolling out five new updates to creators’ analytics data, which provides insights into how users can engage with more focussed and personalized content.

YouTube Analytics is now getting five new updates that lets creators access more data on how users engage with their channel’s content globally.

The updates are on the following:

  • Memberships Metrics in YouTube Analytics
  • Other Channels or Videos Your Audience Watched
  • Clearer information about video performance
  • Revenue Insights Based on Geographic Shift in YouTube Analytics
  • Post Engagement Metrics are Now Available in YouTube Analytics

Metrics on Membership

A new addition to YouTube Analytics’ lets creators seek information such as how memberships change over time. It will also include information on which videos helped a channel in gaining (or losing) more members than usual. Furthermore, the improved membership data will inform if it is beneficial for users to become paying members.

More Data on Mobile

The two cards which were previously available on the desktop – ‘your audience-watching channels’ and ‘your audience-watching videos’ are now available on mobile too. These two cards are added to the top of the public tab of the mobile app of YouTube Studio and will show a detailed overview of 15 videos. Taping on one of the 15 videos or channels will lead to the main YouTube application.

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Video Performance

An update to the Youtube Analytics video overview page on the desktop will explain the video performance more clearly and visibly.

Revenue Insights

YouTube Analytics adds more information on fluctuations in revenues. When sales go up or down as the audience of a channel move to a higher or lower CPM country, YouTube will call this up. It is useful information when the income is changed from one month to the next. When channel revenue decreases because more people come from a lower CPM country, the creator will now know to make engaging content. It will now be accessible through mobile and desktop.

YouTube Posts

The engagement data for YouTube posts that were announced and previewed in May are now available. Now, in the last 28 days, a card in the engagement table shows votes and likes on the top posts of the creator. You can filter this card by type of post. A thorough report reveals, rates, votes, and voting rates.