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Glad U Came agency

How do we define Glad U Came?

In 2015, Maddie Amrutkar devised an idea and gave it life in the form of Glad U Came, a new age, digital PR and Influencer marketing agency. We are focused on providing businesses with comprehensive marketing strategies to our clients and collaborators.


With an experience of over 5 years, we have cracked the on quality media and good media relations. Having Maddie, an ex-journalist as our leader, guide, and boss, we make PR-centric strategies and help our clients expand and grow.

What's in the name?

With passion being one of our core values, it only made sense to have a company with a name that renders it even more. It’s always the merrier at GUC. Be it our team, our clients, our opportunities, or our will to hustle and achieve. We are known for welcoming our clients and new talents wholeheartedly. So even when we’re working on a full capacity, and an opportunity presents itself, we say, “Glad U Came”.

What do we do?

Glad U Came as an agency, are a pioneer in celebrity gifting. The service helps our clients to enhance their brand visibility via celebrities and their digital mentions. We also offer traditional PR in addition to the newly evolved digital PR.

We are one of the leading Influencer Marketing agencies in the country, with over 10,000 influencers being a part of our network database. We also offer exclusive lookbook styling, celebrity styling, and digital marketing services.

Why do we do it?

We are a Digital PR and Influencer Marketing Agency, grown to become one of the topmost independent PR Agencies in India.

We believe that if our clients are trusting us in terms of their investments then they deserve a good Return On their Investments. And we give them 'returns' by providing them services like Celebrity Gifting, Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Online PR, Brand Strategy and Planning, Campaign Development, and much more. After starting GUC as a passion project and realizing that he has a knack for being creative with the mainstream media, Maddie managed to build a fantastic team of other such creative individuals.

How do we evolve?

From the very beginning, when Maddie was preparing the roadmap to his ultimate destination, he was a one-man army. He started to nurture Glad U Came with his hard work, skills, and expertise. In this ongoing journey of success, when opportunities started to emerge rapidly, the search for innovators with passion like Maddie got magnified. Today, we have more than 100 brands as clients and have covered over 500 campaigns and events.

The pandemic forced us all to make some tough choices, to take a hard look at them and be accountable for them. Instead of breaking apart, Team GUC has grown and multiplied into a Digital PR, Influencer Marketing, and digital marketing agency. We have managed to explore the digital space and make it our new home.

Social responsibility in social media

Being so closely linked with the media and in the public eye, we know that we have a responsibility towards the community. In an industry that is constantly evolving, new talents and fresh hopes are to be fostered. GUC believes that every effort deserves recognition and remuneration. We even promote and support paid internship programs.

The need of the hour

In today’s day and age, the Internet never shows up without trolls. While some are harmless, others are outright damaging. As active and responsible citizens, we must take it upon ourselves to be respectful and kind. While we may think it doesn’t make a difference, it does.

It only takes a second to report an online bully, a few clicks, and we may just be able to save a brand, an unpleasant interaction, or even a life. Reporting disrespectful online activity must be our foremost responsibility.

We learned the hard way

That it’s okay to make mistakes, seek advice, and grow from there.

Did we just share that?

Sometimes passion overcomes us, and we may address a client as “Bro”.

They work with us

We work with an array of clients across streams and industries. Our clients include OYO, Revlon India, Lakme Fashion Week, KALKI, Coverstory, Vero Moda, Mama Earth,, Inc.5, Lotus Herbals, and many more.

The Industry as we foresee

The industry is always a reflection of our economical and cultural climate. And from where we operate, digital and social media marketing are crucial skills to possess. They are the bright present and future of the industry.

A day without Internet

As an agency, we believe it’d be a great inconvenience, given connectivity is a basic requirement to run a communication business. But we do truly believe that we will survive and thrive.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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