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Agency feature PNJXN

How do we define PNJXN?

We are a full spectrum marketing and communication services with a specialization in Hospitality and Travel. Other industries include FMCG, Healthcare, OTT, Architectural Consultancy among others. We work in niche industries servicing boutique clients.

With more than 25 years of cumulative experience in the healthcare and hospitality sector, Pooja and Nandish decided to create a service that can help launch small and medium businesses into the digital domain with a coherent brand image, identity, voice, and campaigns. As we grew, the right people came to us with the team growing from 3 to 12 people over the last 2 years. Our growth has been strong and organic, with business development only through referrals and word of mouth. The same is reflected in our hiring. We strongly believe in the apprenticeship model of learning and working.

What's in the name? 

PNJXN is a contraction of PN Junction. For context, It is the quintessential concept that drives modern-day electronics and computing, being the bedrock of all diodes and transistors. The world we live in, not unlike the Matrix, is controlled by the 0s and 1s floating around everywhere. PN Junctions help interpret and make these tangible. For a Marketing and Communications agency with a push for digital transformations of small and medium businesses in niche sectors, having the name PNJXN just seemed apt.

What we do? 

We are a marketing and communications agency. Today, all our information generation and consumption have gone digital. We help small and medium businesses in highly niche areas - be it commercial kitchen planning, urological services, or a luxury desert camp in the middle of nowhere, all of our clients are professionals and experts at what they do, added to this their zeal and passion is infectious. The recognition of nuances of each of these businesses and showcasing it to the world is our power that has built lasting relationships with them.

In terms of scope of services, we help create, invent, define and redefine the brand identity of their business making it coherent with the offerings and experiences. Standardizing the look and feel of their virtual presence across platforms in resonance with their ethos is what we excel at. To achieve this, we provide whatever services necessary from brand naming, brand logo, brand identity, website, social media presence, highly targeted and optimized SEO services where necessary, digital transformation in terms of setting up e-commerce channels, owned and partnered through third party services.

Why we do it? 

The digital revolution is creating a level playing field for even small and medium businesses to compete with large organizations and even better to showcase a niche that was previously unknown to the prospective customers, making the most of long-tail, demand, and value creation for our clients and their customers. The faces and people behind these small businesses have really inspiring stories. It is a challenge and an honor to present this to the world at large.

How we evolve? 

PNJXN runs a lot of email campaigns for our clients and affords the same respect to knowledge leaders who do so for our benefit. We are subscribed to some of the best think tanks around the world who constantly research and publish actionable material in this ever-evolving field. We make it mandatory for our team members including the founders to undergo periodically, refresher courses, certifications on trusted platforms. Partnership with leading technology vendors also helps us keep updated along with making our work focused and easy.

A healthy cross-industry camaraderie also helps us keep updated on innovations and offerings, many times even before they become public.

Social responsibility in social media 

As humans, we believe in being grounded. Our focus has always been to bring to the world, the things around us and not just the trends around us. We believe in sustainable and responsible living in all aspects and dimensions of our transactions. This has, fortunately, brought the clientele who share these visions and beliefs. In that sense, our greatest challenge has been to keep up with our clients who do so much for the community and land. Wherever possible, we have concretized these values with appropriate communication so that everyone is aware and sensitive to these. 

Need of the hour 

One of the biggest laments is the ease of doing business on a social media platform, setting up a virtual storefront, and selling merchandise, tangible or intangible. Our neighbors, including Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, have the option to set up an Instagram shop, no matter how many followers you have. Indian laws do not allow for this. Relaxation on this front could add a lot of value for small businesses. 

On a non-commercial front, PNJXN are believers in freedom of speech and archaic laws of sedition are beyond our comprehension. We can only hope that we move towards an egalitarian society where freedom of speech is valued above all and moderation of using such power is innate to the citizens.

We learned the hard way 

A completely open door and democratic approach to the workplace is not always the best thing to happen. We know, this goes against the grain of a trendy, young digital company deep in social media. But the truth is that the employability factor of many youngsters is abysmal given the state of training and education in most professional colleges and universities. Living in the world of tweets and posts, their attention span is severely hampered, and this is not a confirmation bias opinion. We, as employers, have experienced it. So, we have devised an extensive interview and screening for prospective candidates along with a tailored internship program for those who show promise but are not yet employable.

Secondly, we at PNJXN believe in equal opportunities, particularly for those who suffer from mental health conditions. One of the founders is a diagnosed Schizophrenic who suffers from bipolar disorder along with auditory hallucinations. Having fought those battles enough to achieve a modicum of success and satisfaction in professional life has been a motivating factor to continue fighting the ongoing battle against clinical depression. So, our empathy extends to those who have suffered and are at a stage to reinvent themselves. It is also important that they have undergone a comprehensive and complete treatment regime as that is indicative of their drive to get better.

We have previously been quick to hire without screening for these factors and have not been able to provide the best to such people. So now we have a proper screening for hiring candidates with mental health issues not as a discriminatory practice of course, but as a compatibility study to understand if PNJXN and the candidate can add value to each other.

They work with us

RARE India, Manvar Luxury Camp, Rakkh Resort, HPG Consulting, Red Earth Resorts, Leisure Ways, Stok Palace, Cece by Travel Earth

The Industry as we foresee 

We see a deeper penetration of social media among all demographics, as an edutainment platform, affordable e-commerce venue, and professional networking platform. A multi-lingual approach will become important. More visual content with videos dominating the scene and perhaps in the well-to-do societies an AR/VR experience-driven social media is on the horizon. So, it is imperative to keep abreast of all these developments so that one has the primary mover advantage.

A day without Internet

Wonderful! Digital toxicity is real. We used to break away for an hour every day pre-Pandemic with a refreshing swim with no gadgets attached. But right now, locked in, the internet has become our connection to the outer world. Yet, we dream of a day when we can travel freely again and definitely plan to leave behind the gadgets.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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