All you need to know about the Cadbury row over beef in chocolates

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In a reply to the tweets that claimed its chocolates contain beef, Cadbury assured, the ones manufactured in India are purely vegetarian and do not contain any animal product. Here's all you need to know.

A section of users shared screenshots from a website on social media platforms, primarily on Twitter and Facebook, that articulated Cadbury chocolate comprising an ingredient called gelatine, which is derived from animals. Several people shared this message, claiming that Mondelez International's products sold in India contain beef, leading to a hue and cry around #BoycottCadbury.

Cadbury issued an explanation after a screenshot that went viral speculating, reiterating that their products in India are completely vegetarian. The brand claimed that spiteful posts without any base can harm its reputation and urged the consumers to fact-check before sharing them.

A number of users sort to questioning the brand.

"@DairyMilkIn can you clarify the emulsifiers used in the products are plant-based or animal-based with proof. Because @fssaiindia clarified in RTI that they don't have any method to check whether emulsifiers are vegetarian or not," another user tweeted.

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Cadbury's Clarification

Issuing a clarification, the FMCG giant tweeted, “The screenshot shared in the Tweet is not related to Mondelez/Cadbury products manufactured in India. All the products manufactured and sold in India are 100% vegetarian. The green dot on the wrapper signifies that."

Cadbury shared a post stating “As you can well imagine, negative posts like these, damages consumer confidence in our well-respected and loved brands. We request our consumers to please verify facts related to our products before sharing them further.”

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