Body positivity campaigns that encouraged going beyond superficial body standards

Body positivity campaigns

With the introduction of body positivity campaigns, brands aim at creating inclusive communication and inspire individuals to rise above stereotypical beauty standards set and aided by the society.

With body shaming conversations surrounding individuals since the beginning of their life, it was essential for Body Positivity communication to be introduced in society to teach people to accept and respect their bodies. It’s time that people start embracing their true selves without any barriers and let go of the stereotypical societal expectations. 

Advertising plays an integral role in shaping the narrative around body positivity. Over the years consumers have been subjected to stringent body standards through ads and products that advocate a superficial definition of beauty. However, as society becomes more aware and comfortable with real beauty, brands too have taken it upon themselves to change the narrative.

Let’s take a look at some of the brands that are trying to keep their communication inclusive by initiating campaigns that stand for body positivity. 

All: #IAmBetterCurvy

On the occasion of Women’s Day, All roped in body positivity influencers to highlight the trolling women face on social media for their body type. With the campaign, the brand aimed to inculcate encouragement and acceptance for all body types.

Urbanic: My right to wear

With the campaign, the brand aimed at being size-inclusive and provide women with stylish outfits for every body type, breaking the long-running stereotype that women with lean bodies only have access to stylish clothes.

Allen Solly Woman: Own Your Shape

Created by Ogilvy India for Allen Solly, the campaign embraced different body shapes of women and went beyond the one size fit all theory.

Fab Alley: #FabFitsAll

FabAlley’s campaign featured fashion influencers who proclaim the bold message of believing in being fab irrespective of the shape, size, height, and weight barriers.

Diya Women: I am size happy

The campaign features the brand’s customers who discuss about the stereotypes associated with size or shape.

Zivame: Fit for all

The campaign created by Lowe Lintas for Zivame aimed at provoking the thought that as Indian women come in all sizes, so does their lingerie.

Biba: Change the question

The campaign urged people to stop body shaming and explains how parents getting conscious of their bodies can lead to their kids being paranoid about theirs.

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Dove: Stop the beauty test

Stop the beauty test is a campaign film by Ogilvy for dove featured real-life conversations of women from across India when it comes to matchmaking. It inspired people to look beyond set beauty standards.

Joy: Beautiful by nature

Giving the beautiful message of ‘All women are born beautiful, Joy cosmetics roped in Bharti Singh to drive home their point.

Plum Body: Love every inch

With their funny, witty and sassy ad campaign, Plum Body inspired people to love every inch of their fabulous body no matter how much one is judged to be a certain way.


Bumble dug into body shaming by showing how one can overcome their insecurities with comedian Sumukhi Suresh and Sushant Divgikar.

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