Chupa Chups celebrates World Lollipop Day with quirk & fun

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Jul 21, 2021 10:24 IST
Chupa Chups digital campaign

Crafting this association with Perfetti Van Melle India, Wavemaker India and Ogilvy, Chupa Chups released its latest campaign to celebrate and remind people about World Lollipop Day in an engaging, creative and quirky manner.

Lollipops are often associated with nostalgia and childhood when people enjoyed the candy without inhibitions. While it is relished by people of all age groups to date, do we know that there is a day called Lollipop Day? To celebrate this candy and mark World Lollipop Day on 20th July 2021, Chupa Chups released a digital campaign.

To spread awareness about World Lollipop Day, keeping the brand’s ideology of ‘Karte Raho Fun Fana Fun Fun’ at the core, Chupa Chups commenced the campaign with a social media post citing that everyone has a day but when is the #Lolliday? The campaign posts then continued to urge people to wish Lollipops a happy birthday, marking World Lollipop Day and celebrating the candies that excite us with their jaunty presence.

As an extension to the campaign, the brand associated with several brands including Mother Dairy Ice Creams, Nokia, Luminous, Boat, Zee, MTV, VH1, Alright (TheAlrightSquad), Gaana amongst others to continue with the buzz around the moment and build on the curiosity as several accounts wished the lollipop a very Happy Birthday.

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Taking it a step further, Chupa Chups collaborated with influencers like Avneet Kaur, Chinki Minki, Neha Doodles, and many more to spread awareness about World Lollipop Day in their own unique ways, redirecting the followers to the brand page for more reach and engagement. This day made the core TG and the Insta family go into a tizzy, creating further conversations.

With an assortment of brand conversations, influencer outreach, and theme-based brand posts, Chupa Chups managed to garner quality conversations around the brand and create a moment that resonates with the product through the #ItsALolliDay campaign. The activity was top national trend ( ItsALolliday) on Twitter too. The amplification and the advocacy campaign was executed by Wavemaker India.

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