Facebook shares updates on developments to enhance commerce and advertising

Paawan Sunam
Jul 08, 2021 04:29 IST
New Update
Facebook Commerce

With an objective to cater to the permanent shift in consumer behavior caused by the pandemic, leverage the consumers' inclination towards digital commerce, and provide business tools, Facebook has announced new updates.

Along with developments in the commerce and business space, Facebook is also developing technologies to support personalized advertising in the light of growing user concerns over privacy and the recent privacy updates by Apple. These technologies would attempt to still show relevant ads with the limited information that may be available.

Product Discovery

User activity has always been used as a signal to show relevant ads, the platform mentions that it would now be using context to enhance relevancy for product or business discovery. For instance, showing ads for hotels and flights, is a user watches a travel video.

Content genres is another method Facebook is using to improve ad effectiveness. The platform is testing an experience in News Feed where users can browse and explore content from businesses and related businesses on topics such as beauty, fitness, or clothing, and more.

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As more users are now inclined towards online shopping Facebook is attempting to build a commerce system that enables a consumer journey from product discovery to purchase and delivery, across all apps owned by Facebook.

Extension of Shops to Marketplace, and developing product try-on enabled through augmented reality, and AR ads, are a few current developments to build commerce on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Business Tools

Time-saving tools to plan and manage posts, Stories, and ads, streamlining running business across apps through Facebook Business Suite, improving communication tools such as Unified Inbox to manage consumer queries or converse with them across all Facebook-owned apps through a single interface, and expanding Messenger API for Instagram, are a few tools and updates that Facebook is developing.

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