Pinterest introduces monetization & brand partnership opportunities for creators

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Pinterest monetization

Pinterest has initiated a few income-generating streams and monetization features for creators on the platform to earn through their content, partnerships, and affiliate programs.

Creators on Pinterest now have a new monetization opportunity with the ability to make their Idea Pins shoppable by tagging Product Pins, engage in paid partnerships with brands through sponsored content, and earn commission through affiliate links.

Shoppable Idea Pins

One of the integral functionalities of Pinterest has been providing ideas or showcasing edutainment content such as beauty and fashion tutorials, DIY, party planning, and more, and the audience and enthusiasts consuming this content can be now tapped with Pinterest's catalog of products.

Product Pins uploaded by retailers ingested through a partnership with Shopify can now be leveraged with the shopping intent of the users who are already searching for related ideas that require the purchase of those products.

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Pinterest Internal Data, Global, July 2021 found that Pinners are 89% more likely to exhibit shopping intent on products tagged in Idea Pins than on standalone Product Pins. Creators turning their content shoppable streamlines purchase for the audience to buy through the Idea Pins.

Brand Partnerships

Pinterest is introducing a new tool in the beta phase that enables creators to disclose and highlight their brand collaborations, with a 'paid partnership' label.

Creators can add the brand partner in their Idea Pin, once the tag is approved by the brand the label would be visible on the Pin. With the use of this tool, creators would be able to engage their audience in an authentic way with the disclosure while keeping the Pin shoppable.

The tool is currently available for select Creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and more.

Aya Kanai, Head Of Content & Creator Partnerships, Pinterest states "With this latest update, we’re empowering Creators to reach millions of shoppers on the platform and monetize their work. Creators deserve to be rewarded for the inspiration they deliver to their followers, and the sales they drive for brands".