The Rise Of Social Audio: Preetha Athrey of Twitter on how to ace Spaces

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Live Social Audio has made a loud entrance in the Indian Market, here we look through how the noise generated to understand if it is audible enough to attract substantial amounts of users, how brands can find their voice, and tips for hosts. Preetha Athrey of Twitter India opens up.

In conversation with Preetha Athrey, Head – Marketing, Twitter India, Social Samosa unravels the rationale behind the hype around Live Social Audio, the current trends on Twitter Spaces, marketing opportunities it presents, and few tips to efficiently tap it.

The Hype - Live Social Audio

  • Social live audio is the rage of 2021, its unique and contemporary
  • People have ongoing fatigue with video calls and Zoom meetings because of the pandemic, audio is refreshing
  • Social live audio users do not have to be conscious about facing the camera or their body language
  • Voice adds a layer of nuance, a meaning that may get lost in the text
  • Voice is an easy medium to consume, you can tune in and do other things, making it flexible
  • Last year and a half has brought out the creator in all of us, when people are creating they also want to share their experience, audio is a way of sharing that experience
  • It's a thrill for fans to get questions answered by idols
  • If enough content is being created, people will stay engaged o the platform

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The Current Scene - Twitter Spaces

People come to Twitter to know what's happening, and they come to Twitter Spaces to know what's happening Live

Twitter Spaces went through a prioritized launch in India last year, and the adoption has been

It's highly accessible in India, any user can start a Space

A musical Space with the host performing song requests went on for six hours

Sports, Movies, Entrepreneurship, COVID Stories, Mental Health, Menstrual Hygiene, Finance, Books, Romance, Anime, and K-Pop, are a few of the popular topics of discussion on Spaces

K-Pop Spaces host some of the highest numbers of attendees

Ticketed Spaces can financially support and nurture creators

Co-hosting, native recording, and more features are in the line-up of development

Consumers look forward to actively engaging with brands, and live audio can help brands find their voice and build brand personality, build connections, and identify communities to engage with

Brands have been actively using Twitter Spaces according to Preetha. Sony Music's Space for the music launch of Jagame Thandhiram hosted 17K listeners. P&G (US) hosted a Space discussing diversity, inclusion, and inequality and Spotify launched a podcast by hosting a Space.

Tips For Brands, Creators, & Users

  • Build hype around your Space, tease and promote it
  • Always structure your conversations and discussion points, or you may lose your audience
  • Share all possible information about your Space
  • Offer exclusive content available only on Spaces
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