Are Social Media Admins the new Brand Ambassadors?

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Social media admins

Social media admins are the intermediaries that connect the brand to its online audience, but here we explore if they have a bigger role than uploading posts.

Sanket Audhi, Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney outlines the unexplored potential of social media admins and their significance that can shape a brand's online presence, and how brands can form an efficient social media strategy.

Excerpts from the session:

Social Media Admins = Brand Ambassadors?

  • Social media admins are brand ambassadors that remain behind the scenes, throw lesser tantrums, and come at 100/th the cost of a celebrity
  • They have replaced the customer complaint number at the back of a product, social media is the first response platform, and admins have become an interface to respond to complaints
  • Admins are instrumental in knowing what works on a daily basis
  • They can identify newer avenues, trends, and activate communities
  • Admins have a finger on the pulse of the audience

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Shaping An Efficient Social Media Strategy

  • A brand cannot stick to close to the category code on social media
  • Tap the culture around your brand
  • Take inspiration, but build onto it and recreate in a new manner with forward-thinking creativity
  • Brands can end up succeeding when they listen to their social media admins
  • Advertisers need to stop chasing trends, it cannot be the entire social media strategy, but it works for newer brands to gain engagement
  • Controversy is not the way to drive conversations, good advertising captures imagination
  • Instead of latching onto a culture, try to attract the audience that matches your culture
  • Brand managers are humans too, they need convincing for conducting, give them an explanation on why it's necessary, find examples to support logic
  • While entrusting admins to manage a brand's social handle and giving authority to make few decisions without approvals, set a few guardrails such as avoiding political, sensitives, sexual statements, along with do's and don'ts as per the brand's tonality
  • Weigh he pros and cons, if the cons weigh heavier, avoid the conversation and resort not adding to the noise
  • Every day on social media is a learning, learn from other brand's mistakes and achievements

Sanket Audhi shared the virtual stage on Day 2 of Social Samosa’s marquee property SM Live season 5.

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