Twitter announces new premium video ad unit

Twitter video ad

Catering to the decreasing attention span of the audience, the latest launch of the 15-seconds view buying model would enable advertisers to disseminate concise messages to garner quality views, through their video ad on Twitter.

The premium ad unit by Twitter has been designed for brands and advertisers who primarily signify quality video views and video completion rates as performance metrics.

The ad unit relies on a prediction model that identifies a target audience of active users with the highest likelihood to engage with or view the whole video content. Factors that distinguish this audience preferences and behavior trends on Twitter.

Results from a 30 day period of external beta testing in the US during Q2 2021, show that in comparison with legacy bid units, advertisers who used the 15-seconds view bid unit saw an average of +89% higher completion rate, at a 25% cheaper cost per completed view. These numbers reflect the average results of 15s view bidding compared to the average of all legacy bid units during the same period.

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The new bid unit can also be measured against new reporting metrics in Twitter Ads Manager to help advertisers measure their KPIs effectively –

Cost per 15-second video view: Total spend divided by the number of views that reach at least 15s
15-second video views: These ad views only count when the video is watched either 15 seconds or for 95% of the total duration
15-second video view rate: This rate is calculated by dividing 15s video views by impressions

The new 15-second view bid unit will be the new default bid unit for all campaigns under the Video Views objective and available to all advertisers globally.