Twitter develops a few concepts to improve privacy features

Paawan Sunam
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Twitter privacy

The concepts by Twitter to improve privacy through alterations and additions are in the early phases of being explored and garnering feedback.

Lena Emara, Product Designer, Twitter shared the concepts designed to improve privacy for gathering feedback.

Privacy Check-In

Twitter found that several users were not aware of the various privacy features such as conversational controls and discoverability settings. To tackle this issue, the platform is developing a privacy setting that enables the user to select the various privacy options and set them as desired.


Someone who does not follow a user will not see their reply on a Thread if the user has a protected account. The update would now show a reminder that the reply won't be seen by the user, along with a prompt being developed that would make it easier for the user to switch their Tweets to Public.

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This concept allows the user to control the discoverability of their Profile through toggles that enable or disable how people find them.

Users can find a Profile through username, email, or phone number, the update would notify users if they're searched by their username and control if they want to be discovered through their username, and also set a time limit for it.

Switch Accounts Prompt

This prompt would make it easier for users to switch their accounts to change or know which account they're tweeting from. The prompt would show the user's avatar, name, handle, and privacy status to make switching accounts clearer and easier than before.

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