Twitter brings new features for real-time conversations around Tokyo Olympics

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Jul 27, 2021 04:25 IST
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Twitter Tokyo Olympics 2021

To aid conversations around Tokyo Olympics, Twitter will feature premium content and real-time reactions around the event with new tools and updates.

Twitter is going to feature premium content, real-time reactions, and conversations before, during, and after Tokyo Olympics which kickstarted on 23rd July 2021, as fans worldwide cheer for the top athletes from across the planet. The platform will also offer a deep roster of features to help get the most out of the event this summer.

Here's a host of activities from the platform designed for the Tokyo Olympics:

#Olympics & Country Emojis

Fans worldwide can use the official Olympics Twitter emoji throughout the Games. The emoji will unlock when you Tweet #Olympics and related hashtags in more than 30 languages. Twitter will also have emojis for each country competing, unlocked when you Tweet three-character country hashtags. Lastly, fans can cheer on the Refugee Olympic Team during the Games by Tweeting #EOR to unlock their team emoji.

#ExpertEngine Experience

At every Olympics, people confidently Tweet their 'expert' opinions on sports when they might not know much about it. This time Twitter will be turning fans into real experts. Simply by Tweeting #ExpertEngine @Olympics and any sporting event hashtag, such as #basketball or #swimming, fans will automatically receive a video reply teaching them all about that sport.

Explore Tab

When the users are on the Twitter app or on desktop, Explore catches them up on a range of subjects, curated in a customized manner for the user. During the Games, the platform will have a custom Explore tab that will highlight Event Pages, Partner Moments, Twitter Moments, and select Topics, and Lists. This will be a resource to help find the best content and conversation from the Games. 

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Twitter Topics

Twitter has created a series of custom Topics for the Games that will keep the user's timeline popular with top Tweets and content. They can also see Topics in search results, helping them to stay on top of what’s happening in Tokyo. 

Event Pages By Sport & Country

Across all sports, the custom Event Pages will feature top Tweets from trusted accounts. The users will be able to follow the action and reactions as they happen for the marquee events and top games. Twitter will also have custom Event Pages dedicated to different countries. These will be home to top Tweets which capture that country’s experience.

The platform also listed the top athletes that have been driving Olympic conversations across the top sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, and Baseball:

  • Rikako Ikee - Swimming, Japan
  • Simone Biles - Gymnastics, USA
  • Naomi Osaka - Tennis, Japan
  • Kei Nishikori - Tennis, Japan
  • Kohei Uchimura - Gymnastics, Japan
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