Twitter launches Shop Module in the testing phase

Paawan Sunam
Jul 30, 2021 04:48 IST
Twitter Shop

As a part of their objective to improve commerce and advertising for brands and businesses on the platform, Twitter has now launched Shop Module to turn Profiles shoppable and enable product discovery.

With Shop Module, brands and businesses can have a dedicated space at the top of their Profile that would display a carousel of products with price tags and lead a consumer to the path of purchase from Twitter.

The feature is in the pilot phase and is currently being tested with select brands in the US, and users based in the US, using the app in English on iOS devices will be able to access the Shop Module.

Shop Module builds on the foundation laid by Professional Profiles, launched in April this year. The tool allows businesses, brands, and accounts used for work to display information related to their business and highlight their sector or the type of work they do.

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Modular components in such Profiles take the commercial aspect a notch higher and give the consumer an in-app experience to make a purchase, avoiding the gap between Twitter and an external platform where drop rates increase.

The testing phase would also be used to generate insights on shopping experiences that would be further developed on the platform. Users can click on desired products individually to learn more information about them and complete the transaction with a purchase, in an in-app browser, without leaving Twitter., Twitter

To support the commerce ecosystem on the platform, Twitter has also built a new Merchant Advisory Board, to address and understand the requirements of businesses of various sizes and verticals to create an all-encompassing commercial experience for them. The board would consist of brands that have aced as merchants on Twitter.

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