Youngsters guide parents about unconventional choices in Sprite campaign

Shivani Mishra
Jul 09, 2021 13:23 IST

The latest campaign by Sprite sheds light on teenage kids taking charge of guiding their parents in understanding contemporary choices and being inclusive towards all.

Produced by Gala Gonzalez Costes, Assaf Eldar Stadler, and directed by Nico Perez Veiga the new campaign by Sprite outlines the necessity of informing parents and educating them with the spectrum of choices that are normally perceived as weird or wrong. 'They Need Guidance' is the central idea of the campaign by Sprite.

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Sometimes parents too need parenting. There are certain topics that are considered taboo and the communication gap with the parents tends to widen. This campaign is an attempt to keep it clear between both generations. The 60-second spot walks viewers through instances where kids try to counsel their parents about their choices in life.

The video advert created by GUT (Argentina), commences with showcasing parents in their daily life routines and struggle in terms of understanding a guy being comfortable with painting his nails, or respecting others' decisions, and more.

Whilst weaving a narrative of bridging the communication gap on topics that traverse non-stereotypical choices, Sprite also aims to maintain brand recall with substantial product integration and the use of brand tagline.

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