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Media.Monks India

How do we define Media.Monks?

We are a creative production partner with 4000+ monks spanning across 40 countries. A digital-first, new era company we believe in the holy trinity of creativity, technology, and data. With 20 years of building campaigns, films, and website experiences, our Netherlands HQ started with 4 people in a basement.

What's in the name?

Monks are calm, consistent, and distinguishable. The team who set out to start the company were in a similar space. Hence, MediaMonks.

What do we do?

Build digital experiences whether in film, technology, or social media marketing. As a 360 digital partner we can be as modular as providing strategic insights, campaign development, producing films, building tech integrations and data-led creatives, and as hands-on as building communities and a complete digital footprint for a brand.

Why do we do it?

The digital ecosystem may be young, but it’s also unforgiving. Brands that do not understand the sanctity and the tools of this system will always fail at engaging audiences. This is the place where we believe we can see the results of our work in real-time.

How do we evolve?

The beauty is that we are all students in this digital school. All we need to do is adapt to the newer faster cleaner technology to be in sync with the current trend, latest app, and newest Clubhouse – so that we can amplify the best qualities of each to the specific audiences.

Social responsibility in social media

A full-page ad in a newspaper vs a tweet. If factually incorrect both are equally wrong as it’s the shelf life and the reach that makes social media handles that much tricky. Ad agency or not, I believe we are all (all social users) in the limelight and have to be responsible adults who choose our own guardrails.

We Learned the hard way

The foundation at MediaMonks is that we enjoy what we do. Our presentations tend to be more fun, light-hearted and edgy. Some of the brands get taken aback by our gifs, speech bubbles, and ability to laugh at our own self!

Did we just share that?

For a young clothing brand, we conceptualized an AR experience where consumers could choose to see how they looked in the brand’s new collection of clothes. At the end of the presentation, the client said ‘technology to theek hai, how will I send my clothes virtually for them to see?’

They work with us

HDFC, Mondelez, BMW, Google, ITC, Facebook

A day without Internet

A peaceful one?

Lastly, are you hiring?


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