Ashish Sharma joins Shalby Hospital as Head Marketing in Mumbai

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Ashish Sharma will take charge of the 360 marketing duties for Shalby Hospital and will play a strategic role in leading the marketing presence of the Hospital for future.

Shalby Hospital, Ghatkopar- Mumbai has appointed Ashish Sharma as Head Sales and Marketing, a position in the organization that combines executive leadership, strategy, the overall charge of business development, and market branding.

Ashish Sharma brings with him 17 years of experience in the field of sales and Marketing. He began his career in the telecom and banking sectors and after proving himself there, he transitioned into the healthcare industry where he was appointed at Fortis Healthcare Mumbai. He started his career in this sector with key strategic roles leading the sales and marketing teams of Fortis Healthcare, Mumbai, Jaslok Hospital, and now Shalby Hospitals Mumbai. He has independently built teams from scratch, led the entire marketing presence, and managed the PNL of the team while increasing revenues and efficiency of processes. He also led operations ranging from activities like billing, admissions, discharge, TPA, occupancy.

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He is known for his creativity in designing and zealously driving multiple successful sales and marketing strategy-related initiatives and interventions that are real crowd pullers. His strong ability in understanding the market and healthcare industry in Mumbai, helped him to build a widespread network and deepen engagement with doctors, necessary vendors, and those who matter to the healthcare industry along with a generous dose of aggressiveness when it comes to sales, thus enabling him to focus on growing revenue. Understanding the domain and previous experience of the healthcare ecosystem, operations, and emerging trends are an added advantage.

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