Classmate takes the AR route to create an engaging Independence Day campaign

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Aug 20, 2021 14:14 IST
Classmate campaign

Classmate, an Indian notebook brand, ties its ethos of nurturing education to encourage learning with an engaging AR campaign.

Classmate had launched its website to offer a differentiated value proposition of personalized notebooks where-in consumers can design their own covers or choose from a set of custom covers. Previously the brand has created notebooks on the site, based on Scientists, Subjects, Motivational Quotes, Disney Marvel characters, and topical moments like Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  To further provide products and experiences for children, enhancing learning in various ways, Classmate launched a new set of experiential Independence Day cover notebooks.

As India celebrated the 75th year of Independence, Classmate released these notebooks to educate students about the history of the Indian Independence movement through an immersive AR experience.

With the education system going digital and online education being the need of the hour, Augmented Reality or AR serves as an engaging digital technology for learning new things. Integrating this technology with their notebooks, Classmate is enabling its young audience to learn about the prominent events of the Indian Independence.

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To commemorate the significant historical moment, Classmate released a campaign promoting its pack of six Independence Day themed AR Notebooks, consisting of a QR code on each of its covers. Every notebook in this series speaks about a major event from the Indian freedom struggle for ‘Swaraj’- the uprising to the revolt, and the final triumph of 1947.

Children can scan the code on the cover of the notebooks using their mobile cameras which redirects them to an interactive Augmented experience that chronicles the key events of the Indian Independence movement in an engaging manner. The brand managed to weave their brand identity with its product in its recent campaign, seamlessly.  

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