FirstCry celebrates fussy moms in new brand campaign

Social Samosa
Aug 19, 2021 06:39 IST

The multi-media brand campaign attempts to support and salute fussiness amongst new-age Mothers, an aspect that often gets criticised by the society.

Firstcry’s latest campaign ‘Fussy Is Fantastic’ is conceptualized by creative agency, Fatmen. The campaign is based on the insight that new-age mothers are fussy but that's what keeps their children safe and happy. The campaign targets new mothers, the largest part of their TG, through this insight.

“Having gone on to complete a decade that made FirstCry Asia’s largest baby & kids retailer, it was important for us to move beyond the category narrative and take a larger brand stance. A stance that was not only true to something that we believed in but also resonated strongly with the millions of Mothers who made the brand what it was,” said Anuj Jain, Business Head and Sr. VP Marketing, FirstCry.

Rishabha Nayyar, Chief Strategy Officer, Fatmen said “We met the hero of our story not in any focus group but our very own homes. We called her the ‘Fussy Mom’. She refused to take anything for granted when it came to her kid. From diet to play, clothes to values, safety to sleep, she would fuss over a million seemingly small things to ensure childhood was perfect. While each and every fuss for her was an act of responsibility, the world around her labeled it as paranoia giving her style of parenting many not-so-sweet names – rude, adamant, crazy, helicopter, sunky, over-the-top. As a brand that believed that going into the details of each and everything when it comes to your child was not extreme but excellent, we decided to come out in support of each and every Mom by taking a stance that ‘Fussy Is Fantastic’. In a world where the fussiness of Mothers was getting discouraged, we would encourage it by talking about and celebrating the good that comes out of it. Not only would we encourage fussiness, but we would also enable it by making sure we could provide a shopping experience to every Mom that allowed them to fuss to their heart's desire.”

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“When we were pitching, we had many clever concepts but nothing was really shining through. My wife and I were new parents, and it was frustrating to me as to why we were not cracking it. One night, before another round of pitch, my wife just cracked it. It was like she was fully in it. I think that night ‘clever’ went out and ‘authenticity’ came in. My team and I just made sure that we don’t do any overacting that could rob the film of its authenticity. Even during production, Anupam and his team at Crazy Few, did everything they could to keep the real feel alive. In terms of casting, locations, or even Anupam’s decision of not giving it a conventional aspect ratio, everyone has tried their best to not corrupt a beautiful thought. We hope we haven’t failed,” said Ashwin Varkey, Chief Creative Officer, Fatmen.

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