Grofers CEO responds to social media flak on 10-minute delivery service

Paawan Sunam
Aug 30, 2021 05:50 IST
Grofers delivery

Albinder Dhindsa of Grofers explains the mechanism set and logistics involved to fulfil the 10-minute delivery promise, explaining the process of his offering after concerns such as rider safety and it being an "unrealistic claim" surfaced.

Majority of the concerns being related to the delivery executives, such as the rider would have to resort to speeding or breaking traffic rules to complete the delivery within ten minutes, and the offering is an impractical way to attract consumers, and more of such comments resulted in the social media flak for Grofers, including criticism from a competitor brand.

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With the rise of online delivery companies and the surge in in-home services due to the pandemic, the companies in this industry have had to up the ante in the past couple of years, whether it's in the technological innovations end for speedy service, or with eye-catching marketing campaigns.

With the inhumane working conditions and remunerations of two major online food delivery companies coming to light, consumers have also been increasingly concerned about the delivery executives and labor abuse.

Grofers offering also raised such concerns, and CEO, Albinder Dhindsa, acknowledged the flak and explained the process of this delivery mechanism with a Tweet.

He shares the logistics involved, with partner stores being densely located within a closer radius of the customers, technological advancements and in-store planning that packs most orders within 2.5 minutes, and more of such factors that make up for the service. He further paid heed to concerns of customers, with one of the replies being on the subject of this business model being functional in the long run, he mentions "Sustainability should happen with scale".