Instagram introduces content filters and prompt asking for birthdays

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Instagram birthdays

The updates will only apply to users who haven't shared their birthdays already with Instagram, and going forward when such users open Instagram or try to view age-appropriate content that is hidden, they will see a prompt confirming their birthdays.

Instagram had recently also announced features that mark changes for users under the age of 18, such as default private accounts, restricted advertiser targeting options, and more, once the newly launched prompt confirms the users' birthdays, such features will also be supported with the confirmed age.

The prompt will be shown a handful of times and the birthdays are not shared until a certain point, the user would no longer be able to continue to use Instagram.

Warning screens that already hide certain sensitive content, will now also act as age-appropriate filters and will be placed on relevant posts, if the user tries to view the content they will be asked to confirm their age.

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Acknowledging the concern that users may also provide an incorrect birth date, Instagram is developing technology and systems that use artificial intelligence to roughly calculate how old people are based on things like 'Happy Birthday' posts. If the age provided and detected don't match, then users will be shown a menu of options to verify their age.

Instagram had recently also announced new updates that would be made to the experience of users under the age of 16, following the flak received when they announced a version of Instagram for juvenile users. With the revised updates young users would be defaulted into private accounts, options for advertisers to reach these users with ads would be limited. Instagram also mentions that it would be more difficult for potentially suspicious accounts to find young people.