Instagram is discarding Swipe-Up Links for Stories

Instagram Swipe-Up

Swipe-Up Links are being replaced with Link Stickers from August 30, and going forward Stickers will be the only way to add links to Stories on Instagram.

Instagram states that Link Stickers will only be available to users who already had access to Swipe-Up Links, according to a finding by an Independent Social Media Consultant, Matt Navarra. Presently, the criteria for access to Swipe-Up Links is having more than ten thousand followers, it may remain the same and be available for creators and businesses on Instagram.

Until now, Swipe-Up Links have been the only feature that can support call-to-action, apart from the Profile Bio where you can add clickable links, there are no functional placements for links on Instagram. Link Stickers would work the same way but instead of a swipe-up, users would just have to tap.

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The feature would particularly be beneficial for businesses, and creators engaging in brand collaborations, and if the threshold of having ten thousand followers is discarded too, then small and medium-sized businesses who rely heavily upon social media for marketing can improve their performance with the streamlined consumer journey.

The businesses can showcase a product on Stories, and add a Link Sticker to the web page where they can make the purchase. The rise in home bakers or chefs, or businesses that are grown and being operated from homes would also have a functional sales avenue on the visual platform.

It would be intriguing to see how users adapt to this change and hearing the new CTA by creators who are used to saying “Swipe-Up” in their Stories.

Screenshot Credits: Matt Navarra