Instagram launches the Fall 2021 edition of Insider

The August-September edition of the digital magazine Instagram Insider focusses on emerging fashion and beauty trends.

The Fall Edition of Instagram Insider resembles the previous edition, with fashion and beauty being the highlights of content. Leigh Belz Rey is the editor-in-chief of the magazine who leads the shopping editorial and Shop, Instagram’s in-platform marketplace.

The edition is divided into seven sections: Instagram Insider Editor-in-Chief’ Letter, Communications Leads, Issue Contributors (#Trending, Fashion Month Preview, More to Explore, Add to Cart, and Ask Brittany).

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The Fall Edition 2021 coincides with the arrival of the fashion event– the Met Gala. The first edition of Instagram Insider: Spring Edition 2021 was released in April. Besides catering to users, the magazine may also aid advertisers and marketers gain a perspective of the ongoing trends and inclinations.

Leigh Belz Ray mentions, “Our fresh start this year is most certainly grounded in the awareness of the impact of the continuing global pandemic. This year’s fall trends reflect the past 18 months with increased respect for nature and art, self-identity, and pageantry.  With the arrival of fashion month kicked off by the Met Gala, the vitality of design as a tool of expression will be fully on display”.