Pedigree campaigns that celebrate Dogs with the love they deserve

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International Dog Day

Here are campaigns by Pedigree that speak for the most loving creatures on this planet - dogs, advocating the need to give them the right vigilance along with respect.

Dogs are widely regarded as man's best friend and rightly so. Social Samosa takes a look at global campaigns carried out by Pedigree, paying homage to these selfless creatures through adorable storylines and cute depictions.

'Pedigree Feed the Good' highlights how dogs bring out the best in us no matter what. The #FeedTheStrays is an initiative to help provide food for stray dogs across cities during the Pandemic. Pedigree thrives on its tagline of ‘Feed the Good’ which comes from its purpose of preserving and nurturing the innate goodness that only dogs can bring to the world. 

Pedigree wants to undo the stigma attached to dog adoption and encourage people to rehome shelter dogs, outlining the premise of its latest campaign ‘Shelters are full of good dogs' in the Pedigree -Alien campaign.

With the commercial of Pedigree Gravy, the brand urges to 'Share Your Love Not Your Food' because the food which is good for you might not be right for the Dog.

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Overall, the campaigns by Pedigree advocate pet adoption, right care, love, respect, and shelter with the nourishment they need. Whether you choose to celebrate by volunteering at a rescue home, making a donation to a shelter, or by giving your furry friend an extra cuddle, make sure you acknowledge just how awesome dogs are.

Here is the collation for you:

Pedigree DentaFlex commercial

Pedigree Dog Commercial - Shelter Dog

Pedigree Commercial - Echo

Pedigree - Vampire

Pedigree - Small Dogs Live Large


Pedigree - Alien

DENTASTIX: Cleaner gets you closer - Baby

Healthy Pets and Happy Homes In the Times of Coronavirus

Pedigree Gravy: Feed the good

Pedigree Feed the Good

Pedigree Gravy: Share Your Love Not Your Food

Is your favourite Pedigree campaign a part of this list? Let us know your thoughts below.

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