S4Capital merges MediaMonks and MightyHive into Media.Monks


S4Capital merges MediaMonks and MightyHive into Media.Monks, an entity that aims to provide seamless access to talent across content, data and digital media, and technology services.

S4Capital launches its unitary brand by merging MediaMonks and MightyHive into Media.Monks, represented by a logo that features MightyHive’s hexagon. The single-brand emphasizes a shared heritage in creative content and roots in data and digital while aiming to unify a team of nearly 6,000 digital-first experts working as a single P&L across 57 talent hubs in 33 countries.

As the operational brand, Media.Monks underpins S4Capital’s agility, digital knowledge, and efficiency and are the next step in delivering on its foundational promise to unify content, data&digital media, and technology services. S4Capital plc (SFOR.L) will remain the financial brand, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange and deployed amongst investor, financial, and banking stakeholders and in reports.

“The traditional, analogue holding company model is over 70 years old, dating back to Marion Harper and IPG in the 1950s and cries out for disruptive change. Digital has altered the landscape permanently and brands need a different type of organization to execute and show up for their customers at every moment in the journey – purely digital, with data-driven creative and content, faster, better, cheaper, and with a single P&L,” said, Sir Martin Sorrell, S4Capital Executive Chairman.

“So far, S4Capital has brought together 24 companies that have each disrupted their industry in complementary ways, buying into our mission to create a new age/new era advertising and marketing services model and disrupting the old”, he added.

“With Media.Monks, we’re doing something, unlike anything the market has ever seen before, connecting the dots across the entire organization to operate as one single office. Both the dot and the hexagon align perfectly with who we are as a business, where we come from, and where we’re headed”, said, Kenny Griffiths, Managing Director Data and Digital Media APAC, Media.Monks

“Our APAC team has a very strong focus on innovation, and it’s moving incredibly fast, so I can only imagine where this unitary approach will take us. We’re ready to better serve clients with the flexibility of our new brand, changing how the work gets done as we always have”, he added.

The hexagon, previously representative of MightyHive, has been adapted to symbolize this structure and the six components it connects.

“With our new joint brand, Media.Monks, we’re unifying all our pillars under the same identity. It’s how we’re bringing all our teams together, and how we’re introducing ourselves to the world as we keep challenging the industry with the entrepreneurial mindset that characterizes every single one of S4Capital’s brands. Based on a unitary structure, our strategy will provide brands across all industries with the capability to adapt and deliver with speed-to-market—which is ultimately what the new era calls for. Together with the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands, Media.Monks will push the boundaries and transform the market through a model that grants 100% access to the best talent with flexibility and speed” said, Michel de Rijk, CEO APAC, S4Capital.

“The single brand was not a boardroom decision. It involved input from a broad range of teams and talent, and many of our founders,” explained, Wesley ter Haar, Co-Founder, Media.Monks. “For our people, this means they’re all colleagues and can build amazing careers across the globe and keep going and growing. For our clients, it means they keep the same team and the day-to-day they love—but now have even simpler access to an amazingly deep pool of specialist talent. Consolidation is an engine to innovate and this makes it easier to help our clients show up better for theirs”, he said.

The API is reflected in the new dynamic logo mark that activates a flexible brand framework in which ‘media’ becomes a variable. Teams within the six operational components can personalize and express themselves within the framework using a new internal tool, Brand.Lab. The addition of the dot represents a point of connection between diverse talent with different experiences and expertise, and encourages freedom of expression through a malleable framework.

“Integrating the MightyHive hexagon into Media.Monks is a great representation of our unitary team, but even more so it reflects our operational model,” said, Chris Martin, Co-Founder, Media.Monks.

“We’ve built a structure where our people have clear, ownable space, to represent themselves and the work they do, but without the traditional fights and frictions that are built into more traditional models. Hexagons are one of nature’s ways of maximizing the properties of strength and space efficiently, and that’s exactly what we’re offering clients: the most efficient model to help them consolidate their efforts in content, data&digital media and technology services”, he shared.