Sleepy Owl releases a 'Mute' campaign to cut through the noise

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Sleepy Owl

With two videos under their mute campaign series, Sleepy Owl advocates the idea that good products speak for themselves.

We all have some time or other waited desperately to skip the pre-roll ads on YouTube. The latest mute ad by Sleepy owl takes a different approach to grab attention in the designated 5 seconds.

This Silent Ad from Sleepy Owl Coffee has been doing rounds for cutting through the noise with silence and the element of surprise. The first video campaign under their silent series was released last month. According to a post on LinkedIn by the brands' Co-Founder Ashwajeet Singh, the campaign delivered 4X CTR than their average campaigns.

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The 30-second spot presented a young girl who in the first few seconds knocks on the screen and grabs the attention followed by giving insights into the product, including, disclosing the amount spent on the ad. The second part of the campaign was released a week ago, again mute, with a message around their different flavors. The video also has a discount code for purchase, a smart tactic to understand the contribution of the ad in generating sales.

The campaign is based on the premise that the product speaks for itself and doesn't need to be pushed with extravagant ads and campaigns. From observation, Sleepy Owl is a digital-first brand, actively seen advertising across all social media platforms. In the last few years, the brand has come up with a number of new variants and coffee accessories.

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