Snapchat launches India Gate Landmarker lens for Independence Day

Independence Day

Celebrating India’s Independence Snapchat launched a landmark lens at the historic India Gate, a first for Delhi. Powered by Snapchat’s AR technology, the lens brings to life the iconic monument located in the heart of Delhi.

To experience the Landmarker, Snapchatters nearby will be notified to point their camera at the monument, and will instantly showcase the India Gate embellished with the tricolor.

Durgesh Kaushik, Head of Market Development, India at Snap Inc. said, “We are always looking for ways to add features that resonate with Indian Snapchatters, and this Independence Day we have created an array of experiences for our community that are exciting and immersive. Snap’s Landmarker Lenses enable augmented reality experiences that can transform the world’s most iconic landmarks in real-time. Landmarker for India Gate in Delhi marks Snapchat’s third Landmarker Lens in India after The Gateway of India in Mumbai and the Taj Mahal in Agra. Snapchat’s strategy remains focused on deepening the culturally and locally relevant experience for Indian users through product developments, creative tools, community engagement, and partnerships. “

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Snapchat has also introduced new lenses in celebration of India’s Independence Day. The lenses will allow Snapchatters to celebrate with friends and family even when physically distant. Snapchatters can also get creative and share on Spotlight with #MeraBharatMahan, an opportunity for everyone to share what India means to them in their own unique way.

Augmented reality continues to revolutionize how people communicate, are entertained, learn and experience the world. Snapchat is taking its AR tools to a much bigger scale by innovating and creating unique moments and experiences to connect with Snapchatters in totally new ways. Snapchat has widened the AR canvas to make it a fun and engaging experience for all Snapchatters. More than 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR every day on average, and over 200,000 creators use Lens Studio to build AR Lenses for our community.