YouTube crosses 2 Mn creators in monetization program; adds new features

YouTube monetization

More than 2 Mn creators are now a part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the platform’s flagship monetization initiative and to mark this milestone the company has announced the scope of the new creative economy.

Launched about fourteen years ago, YouTube Partner Program (YPP), presently has ten monetization features, that include advertising revenue, merchandising, memberships, paid brand collaborations, and more, that enables creators to generate revenue with their presence on the video platform.

The platform also mentions, the number of new channels joining YPP in 2020 more than doubled when compared to the year before.

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Policies, resources, and products that improve YouTube systems and sustain advertiser trust, have been a significant factor in the growth of YPP and going forward content level brand safety, industry standards to define content not suitable for advertising, and more of such initiatives will be overseen by YouTube.

Additionally, the platform has rolled out the ‘Checks’ process, an automated procedure that scrutinizes video uploads and detects potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions. Creators will be able to fix the issues with edits before uploading and understand how their videos will monetize.

This development is an attempt for making the majority of uploaded by channels in YPP meet ad-friendly guidelines and improve suitability for all advertisers. Helping creators in building a business through YouTube by merchandising or with new tools will be another focus of the new creative economy the platform is building.