Brands creatively say ‘Nooo’ with new trend

Nooo brand creatives

Brands take over the socioverse while tapping on a recent trending format as they say ‘Nooo’ through humorous and relatable ways in line with their product and service ethos.

A new trending format has gripped the marketing world . One of the recent trends is a quirky format of saying ‘Noooo’ to several relatable situations and queries through creative posts. Brands tapped on to the trend to either put a spotlight on their offerings or just engaged with their audience in line with what’s buzzing.

Google India took a dig at relatable everyday phenomenon of avoiding meetings and calls. Voot Kids jumped on the bandwagon and took a moment to speak about the Pikachu and Ash pair. Netflix tapped on the trend, asking the viewers about a moment in any of their shows that made them go ‘Noooo’.

Scroll through the creative posts rocking the trend with quirk, humor, and fun.

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Voot Kids

Netflix India

Google India



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