From cartoons to jingles: Fanta campaigns & uninhibited advertising

fanta campaigns

Here’s a look at a few Fanta campaigns that relied on upbeat music and erratic jingles, in line with its brand’s global image of fun and quirky, contributing to the its foothold in the aereated drinks market.

Fanta’s journey to sustain itself in the aerated drinks market has been sporadic, filled with tactics that may not be quintessential to the rules of advertising a beverage. The brand has been known to be a risk-taker with uninhibited Fanta campaigns globally. For instance, in 2005, Fanta released a rather controversial campaign for Fanta Z in the UK market. To give you a quick premise, the campaign featured people – from a couple on a date to a cop who just pulled over a car – sipping their Fanta and spitting it out (presumably for the calories).

The campaign was a landmark one in the world of advertising for two reasons: one, it introduced self-mockery in the ad space. People are seen spitting out Fanta – a rather odd and bold thing to show for you are essentially showing that your consumers are spitting out your brand. Second, it caught the eye of parents who protested the campaign vehemently on account of it advocating spitting out drinks and food wastage.

Created by a London-based agency, Mother, the campaign was then subjected to the post 9 PM airing on television role.

Fanta campaigns back home too, have relied on a model of uninhibited advertising, majorly through upbeat, music, jingles, animation, youth-oriented storylines and a consistent dose of celebrity endorsers. Here are five ways in which Fanta created models of uninhibited advertising.

1. The Cartoon Anomaly

From celebrating women to the idea of carefree enjoyment, most of the 2010 decade had Fanta grooving to the funny yet relatable animated characters. While animation for advertising became dominant during the pandemic, Fanta has been using it over the years to create an edge.

2. Jamming To Jingles

Apart from having cartoons, the eccentricity in all Fanta ads was its jingles. Right from ‘Mann Uchal Uchal Jaye’ to the Fanta Moms campaign of Snack Time, all of them were songs that were a part of the millennial gang which downloaded songs from websites (back then). And somehow, the jingles are still available on such websites and run on-loop once you start listening.

3. Women At The Top

Right from the 2000s with Rani Mukherjee to 2020 with Sara Ali Khan, women have extensively featured in the brand’s advertising campaigns. More celebrity endorsers such as Genelia D’Souza and Shruti Hassan have also been a part of the TV commercials. This trait of Fanta campaigns is also visible in animated advertisements, with female characters complimenting the protagonist’s role.

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4. Conversational UGC

Fanta instilled content that is conversational with users on social media through campaigns in which netizens could put up selfies under the tag: Fanta Wali #NoBahanaHoli. This year too, the brand launched a filter on social media with the hashtag #YehHoliFANTAWali, creating two-way communication with the audience.

5. Keeping Up With The Youth

While the brand’s advertising legacy is rooted in some immensely popular campaigns from the 90s, they have also been up to date with the youth and their way of seeing the world. In 2019, Fanta released its #ItsAThing AR campaign which allowed users to interact with its OOH campaigns through Snapchat’s AR capabilities.

The brand created four digital videos or flavour stories – for their prominent flavours – Grape, Orange, Pineapple, and Strawberry.