Chirp campaign uses infamous internet personalities to offer pain relief

Chirp campaign

How do you promote a product that most your target audience would be alien to? You feature infamous internet personalities and make them your brand advocates like Chirp did in their new campaign.

Chirp Wheel is a pain relief stimulant and posture corrector, a product that was also funded by investors on the popular TV series Shark Tank, and the new campaign by the brand promotes the wheel designed to release muscle tension.

The video campaign series rolls around two popular internet personalities, ‘Trolls’ and ‘Karen’. Well, you may already be familiar with the trolls, but if your millennial lingo is too last season, ‘Karen’ is a popular term for personalities that tend to go off on a public freakout on minor inconveniences, refuse to co-operate, or act severely entitled.

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The long-format adverts spanning over the two-minute thirty-second duration, attempt to grab the audience’s attention with humorous scenarios followed by the generic person looking into the camera as they talk about the product benefits sequence.

The campaign created in association with the agency Little Big Engine, written by Patrick Maravilla, and directed by Brandt Lewis, follows a humorous tone followed by dramatic freakouts by the protagonists and ‘The Office’ style behind-the-scenes interview by supporting characters outlining the benefits of the Chirp Wheel.