Infographic: Social Media design mistakes that should be avoided

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Social media brand building and marketing requires aesthetically pleasing graphics and designs – learn about the design mistakes to avoid, enabling you to create thumb-friendly creatives in this digital era.

Social media is an essential platform for brands and creators for promotions and engagement with their target group and audience. Clean graphics, eye-catching design, and attention-capturing visuals are important to attract an audience and this infographic further delves into the visual factor.

An unappealing graphic and design can be a big turn-off for social media users, so much that the content written in the captions won’t be enough to enchant the users who are generally on a scroll rush. So, when it comes to social media there’s actually more than what meets the eye.

This infographic includes 7 design mistakes that should be avoided. Using stock images/graphics that seem vague and out-of-place most of the time is one of the main mistakes and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, one can use more relatable and original graphics to connect with the audience or social media users. A stock photo seems mundane and impersonal and no matter how closely it is related to the content, it tends to invite a pique gaze.

Similarly, avoid using the wrong colors in graphics and designs. A major part of social media content thrives on aesthetics and eye-soothing features. Vague color combinations would not only make the user scroll the content away but will also fail to send the message across.

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