KFC ropes in The Great Khali for new Double Down Burger campaign

KFC rolled out the campaign in phases – in the first phase The Great Khali was seen trying on new hobbies, creating intrigue, while the second phased revealed the KFC Double Down burger being the reason behind Khali’s new-found interests.

The new KFC campaign featuring The Great Khali is all about the internationally-famed wrestler and his love for the new KFC burger. The campaign weaves in the insight of boredom from the daily schedule in its story, depicting how the KFC Double Down burger brings in the much-needed newness in life.

The brand created a buzz around the release of the campaign through a number of posts by The Great Khali showing him try on some interesting hobbies. His recent attempt at the jaltarang or twisting balloons to create shapes or a post showing him happily pedaling away on what seems like a sewing machine. The idea was to create intrigue around what is Khali up to.  

The release of the campaign then revealed that the KFC Double Down Burger has been the inspiration behind Khali’s new interests.

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The Great Khali has been the face of many campaigns off late including names such as realme, CashKaro, Manthan Steel, and more.