7 social media management lessons to learn from Netflix’s Sex Education

Sex Education Social Media

With the release of the new season of Sex Education, the show is once again creating buzz all over the internet — we take a look at some of the social media management lessons that can be learnt from it.

Netflix’s Sex Education has brought to life some of the most iconic characters, dialogues, and storylines — something that has got them a lot of love and support on social media. This got us wondering what these characters would be like if they were working in a digital agency. Would Otis be an expert at navigating conflicts in his team? Maeve the one people look up to when it came to taking responsible but bold decisions? Aimee would definitely be great at giving people the much-needed reality checks from time to time as Eric and Ruby help clients get the right visual aesthetics for their brand! The possibilities are pretty much endless.

As you let your imagination run wild, we bring you some lessons from the show we feel could be useful for social media managers.

Confidence Is Key

Fans love Maeve for the way she shines through the narrative — and her confidence in herself, which stems from her experiences and readings, is a huge part of it. She understands her capabilities and there is almost nothing that can deter her from exploring possibilities.

Internet, being a free space, will always bring you unsolicited opinions. It is imperative for you to be confident about the narrative you wish to put forward. Even if, or rather especially if, trolls were to come calling. Remember to do your research though!

Handle Abuse With Care

There will always be moments when even the most well-meaning people will hurt you with their words and tone. You can always find a way and stand up to them — and put it explicitly but respectfully, just like Mr. Hendricks when he is being talked down, “I don’t appreciate that tone.”

Sometimes people are unnecessarily mean to brands, a lot more than they are to people on social media. If wrongful abuse comes your way, try to handle it with care. Be humble in your response and let it be expressed that you do not appreciate being spoken to like that.

RoI Will Come Around If You Keep At It

As much as everything seemed to be about the money, Otis and Maeve did want to help people understand their bodies better. It seemed from an honest need to do good — prompting more people to be interested in their business.

Monies will definitely flow in if you keep up the good work. Just remember your goals about brand building and let your creativity do the work of reeling in customers. It might take some time, all you need is a bucket load of patience.

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Don’t Hesitate In Apologising

Maeve is a proud person but she never lets her pride come in the way of her work and life. She is not someone who is afraid of apologising when she makes a mistake — adding to the beautiful complexities of her character.

Pride can kill your brand! If you ever find yourself in a grey area, unsure about whether or not your content is insensitive (or offensive or triggering), listen to those who are objecting — and apologise. It will help you go a long way in portraying yourself as a brand that listens (and cares).

Keep Faith In Mediocre Posts Too

There are various moments in the show when audiences see Otis go through something that makes no sense whatsoever. The chaos of his life as a teenager adds to the narrative, little things becoming inevitably memorable.

Sometimes a post you had just put up for the sake of it can blow up and go viral. Never underestimate the powers of social media! Every piece of content has an audience and sometimes the most mediocre post can do wonders — keep creating!

Never Plagiarise!

The one thing you must never indulge in is plagiarism. Not even instances where you are taking ‘inspiration’! Always ensure everyone in your team understands and respects the basic ethics, no matter how intense is the pressure to perform. As long as it’s truly yours, every idea has the potential to work.

People will know – they will always know! While it may feel like a good learning moment but remember that your audiences are unlikely to be as forgiving as Miss Sands.

Be Selective About Moment Marketing

Sometimes it’s okay to step back from conversations that everyone thinks to be important. You could probably benefit a great deal from not participating — and instead concentrating your efforts in putting together conversations you can start, compelling people to participate in. Just be as confident and assertive as Eric!

You must always be very selective about the moments you participate in. Do not partake in moment marketing for the sake of it. Try making your clients understand the importance of brand relevance in such cases — and save yourself from wasting resources and becoming just another brand doing the same thing.

Do you think there are more social media lessons to unravel in the narrative of Sex Education? Do write to us at content@socialsamosa.com!