Reels Strategy: How Netflix India uses reels harping on viewer aspirations of dressing up as characters

Netflix India Reels Strategy

Social Samosa takes a look at how Netflix India is including makeup tutorials and dress challenges in their Instagram Reels Strategy, inadvertently creating ecommerce affinitity that would be beneficial to the OTT platform if and when Netflix Shop rolls out in the country.

If they like a show or a movie, people love to dress up as their favourite characters. It has led to several fashion trends getting prominence over the years as well as a rise in merchandising as a business. Netflix India is using these desires and aspirations to make inroads in the lives of their consumers — via Reels Strategy. Over the last few weeks, they have worked with several influencers to create short format content on Instagram’s Reels, that is replicable and relatable.

Param Sundari

Netflix partnered with Leisha Patidar to create a makeup-dance Reel where she can be seen getting ready as Kriti Sanon in the song Param Sundari. She is enjoying the tune, much like many others who had joined in to support the trend with content. The push by Netflix India fuelled the trend forward in a unique way as most influencers were dressing up anyway — this Reel was able to capture the process, highlighting the efforts being put in by others.

Sex Education

Sex Education is one of the most marketed shows by Netflix in the Indian market, especially on Instagram. They have even tried to prominently leverage its popularity to promote Mismatched with Indian-Global parallels. With a few days to go for Sex Education’s new season to release, Netflix has released a Reel in collaboration with Mansi Ugale. With this, they are trying to promote not just the new show but also prepare the ground for possibilities of people trying to adapt the fashion styles of their favourite stars.

Bengal & Ray

Released in June this year, Ray is a series of four stories of Satyajit Ray. Bengal and the Bengali culture were key elements picked up by the Netflix marketing team to promote the series. As a part of the efforts, reels featuring Anandita Bose and Priyanka Panwar were released. While the former was humourous with the actor struggling to drape a Bengali saree, the latter was an awe-inducing work by a makeup artist transforming into a series character.

Sarees & Famous Characters

Some Bollywood characters in the last decade have pushed sarees as an alluring garment of choice for women seeking to be comfortable in their own skin. Picking up this sentiment, Netflix India created a reel with Meghna Kaur, who can be seen dressing up as three characters: Naina from Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, Neha from Dostana, and Rani from Haseen Dilruba. This is not just a good piece of content but also a way for Netflix India to showcase their movie library on Instagram — while promoting a comparatively new offering, Haseen Dilruba.

The Vampire Diaries

Communicating with younger audiences with an affinity towards the popular show, The Vampire Diaries, Netflix India was able to capture the sentiment of ‘Get The Look’ with a reel featuring Meghna Kaur. In the short clip, she can be seen dressing up as popular female characters from the show and acting like them too — emulating their personalities perfectly — much like any fan would if they were indulging in cosplay.

Making Of Joker

Joker is perhaps one of the most iconic characters with makeup that a lot of people have tried to replicate. In a ‘Wing It’ episode, Netflix India partnered with makeup artist and influencer Faby, where viewers can enjoy witnessing her makeup skills as she recreates the look. This reel is not just a content piece but also a Netflix India’s contribution towards participating in pop culture trends on social media.

Jagame Thandiram

Ahead of the trailer drop of Dhanush’s new movie Jagame Thandhiram, Netflix India partnered with Medha Srivastava to release a promotional reel. The strategy was evidently two-pronged: viewers could be made to be acquainted with the popular song from the movie as well as be nudged into trying the look — or create content as they desire.

Kal Ho Na Ho

Being a fan is not just about accepting the content as is but also about contemplating possibilities and wondering how things would play out in real life. Picking up on this with their Reels Strategy, Netflix India partnered with Kareema Barry to put across a realistic take by a fan on the popular movie, Kal Ho Na Ho — after watching it perhaps for the Nth time — prompting other fans to do so too, on Netflix, of course.

Efforts by Netflix India are concentrated around shows and movies that are either Netflix productions or have the potential to go viral on social media because of their popularity. Apart from standalone content pieces, two series — Get The Look and Wing It can be seen on their Reels page — dedicated to the works by clothing/fashion and makeup influencers.

If one were to predict, it can also be seen as a strategy to lay the ground for introducing Netflix Shop in India, which was launched for the US market earlier this year.