Offbeet Media Group acquires 101India

Offbeet Media

Offbeet Media will vision to create content that resonates with urban and grassroots India, the group aims to widen its services and expand its portfolio to grow 10X in the next two years.

Offbeet Media Group, a content, and marketing company led by a collective of creative and business media veterans, acquired the 101India brand, its content library, digital and social platforms. This marks the company’s entry into the consumer media space to exploit the power of digital content consumption, expanding its profile into a media company, creating content for enterprise and consumers at large.

Talking about the acquisition, Jaideep Singh, Founder of Offbeet Media Group, said, “101India fits into our core content strategy and thinking. We believe that we now have a platform and brand to connect with audiences directly with this addition to our group. Despite the second covid wave, we have already done double the revenue of last year in the first four months of this year. Our leadership and core team is our biggest asset, and together we are building India’s first fully diversified content company working across Brands, Govt, OTT, Consumer content, and we are future-ready with our steps in VR content as well.”

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Bhavya Nidhi Sharma, Chief Creative Officer, Offbeet Media Group, added, “101India and our content DNA is the same. In the world of stories, a place like 101 allows us to tell the stories of culture, subculture, and counter culture across the Indian subcontinent. With 101India, the idea is to push the envelope on How you tell a story and give a free hand to our team of storytellers so we can make a universe where stories can flow freely.”

Apart from scaling up the existing IPs of 101 India, the company plans to go deeper into India with at least 4 new language launches in the next 6 months.