Protinex urges consumers to #AddMoreTo life with protein, advocating healthy living

With Quality of Life (QoL) in focus, Protinex launched the QoL tool to drive awareness about the relevance of physical health and a protein-rich diet in daily life for well-being, good health, and success.

The factors like increased workload, fatigue, and reduced physical activity have impacted the Quality of Life (QoL) of Indian adults and the way they live. While QoL is impacted by many factors such as social, psychological, and environmental, factors like physical health can be enhanced through a combination of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. Studies suggest that protein in the diet not only contributes towards good health but also enhances the QoL quotient, especially when combined with vital nutrients and daily exercise. 

Protinex’s #MoreToLife campaign highlights this insight, tying it up with their Quality-of-life or QoL tool.

With reduced physical activity, it becomes all the more essential to take care of dietary schedules and physical well-being while making it a habit to include more proteins for an improved lifestyle. Protinex in its campaign focuses on understanding the relevance of protein intake in adequate quantities to provide you with the energy, strength, and immunity to lead a happy and healthy life.

The #MoreToLife campaign video commences with the brand featuring individuals at various stages in life. As the brand probes about their quality of living, health, dietary habits, and overall well-being, the interviewees are taken aback to realize how protein-rich nutrition plays a crucial role in building a satisfying life and how very few actually focus on its sufficient intake, with only 9% of adults taking the required protein for a robust living.

Set upon this premise, the campaign encourages people to utilize the Protinex QoL tool and to measure how much protein they have consumed, and understand the role it plays in creating a well-balanced, quality life. 

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Based on the WHO QoL-BREF questionnaire, the tool aims to capture the various aspects that build one’s Quality of Life. It also generates a QoL score that shows whether you are above or below the average score of Indian adults. You can also check if your diet has the required amount of key nutrients through their Immuno Nutrient Calculator.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing Play

As part of the initiative, the brand attempted to spread awareness through a multi-channel approach including TV news channels and digital. Further, Danone India collaborated with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to discuss how protein-rich nutrition and physical health play an essential role in improving one’s Quality of Life.

This was followed by associations and interactions with health and wellness experts across Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook Live, Kavita Devgan, author, and nutritionist interacted with Avantika Bahuguna, Head-Alliances of Momspresso, to build further awareness on the subject.

The Instagram Live saw Sonia Narang, Nutritionist and Wellness Expert, talk about ways of enhancing one’s life and the role of protein in growth and development.

Further, the brand utilized Linkedin, creating a content series called ‘The Big Protein Impact’ to discuss the impact of nutrition on overall work-life balance for professionals, in collaboration with Moneycontrol India.

The brand further associated with multiple physical health and nutrition experts and influencers across Instagram and YouTube during the protein week amplifying the message one the relevance and maintenance of a protein-rich diet. This included Pooja Banga, Tanvi Gulati, Palak Sangal, Richa Doshi, Prerna Sinha, Tanya Khubchandani, and Vivin, across Instagram.

While ‘Protinex Quality of Life’ trended on Twitter at the start of the campaign, the initiative paved the way for conversations that resonated with the cause with brands such as Syska, Wellness Forever, Starquik, and Upstox participating in the conversation.

#MoreToLife with its QoL tool by Protinex attempted to champion the cause of improving quality of living through healthy dietary habits and a good lifestyle.