Reddit launches Conversation Placement ads to reach users when they're most engaged

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Sep 03, 2021 05:08 IST
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Reddit launches Conversation Placement ads to reach users when they're most engaged

The Conversation Placement ads sit within a conversation thread, under the original post and above the first comment, giving advertisers the opportunity to scale reach beyond Reddit feeds and connect with users where they are the most leaned-in.

Reddit users contribute to more than 350,000 conversations on the platform every day, with 42% of the average Reddit user’s time spent in a conversation thread. In line with this insight, the platform announced the launch of Conversation Placement ads, which allows brands to leverage Reddit by reaching users where they are most engaged in their passions and interests.

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Conversation Placement allows advertisers to connect with their audiences as these exchanges are unfolding and it works in collaboration with Reddit’s in-feed advertising to reach even more users where they’re most leaned-in. The placement drives a deeper audience connection and contextual richness, as it allows advertisers to show up in discussions relevant to their campaigns.

“Reddit users thrive on conversations and are highly engaged in unique dialogues around their passions. Conversation Placement is an opportunity for all Reddit advertisers to drive engagement on the platform, positioning themselves right where people are connecting with one another, in a way they can’t on any other platform,” said Reddit Global EVP and President of Advertising, Harold Klaje.

“This launch is an outcome of our close and continued collaboration with Reddit advertisers to ensure solutions that tap into what makes Reddit special. It’s the latest example of our Ads business continuing to meet the needs of advertisers. We’ve invested a lot in the past year to evolve our product offering to ensure brands can best leverage the power and value of Reddit, and creating opportunities for advertisers to meaningfully engage with users is key to delivering on this," Klaje adds.

Reddit advertisers can also drive incremental reach through Conversation Placement. Reddit ads have never before appeared in conversation threads, the new ad format allows advertisers to expand the reach of their campaigns and speak to a new, untapped audience, many of which land in conversation threads directly from SEO searches and are unreachable anywhere else on the platform.

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When combined with Home, Popular, or Community Feed placements, advertisers can drive higher performance with Conversation Placement as well as more cost-effective campaign outcomes. Advertisers who target both the Reddit Feed and Conversations Placement can reach millions more unique users than when targeting with a single placement, increasing their overall reach by up to 20%.

Conversation Placement offers all of the same foundational brand safety features regardless of inventory type, with Oracle Data Cloud’s contextual intelligence applicable to the placement via our Limited Inventory tier.

Reddit claims to have beta-tested Conversation Placement with more than 600 advertising partners for almost 12 months, running campaigns across entertainment, consumer tech, finance, publishing, and CPG, resulting in significant success for partners across all industries, verticals, and campaign objectives. According to their official blog, in aggregate, beta test partners saw a 9% average increase in clickthrough rate (CTR), 10% higher downstream conversion rate (CVR), and 23% lower Cost Per Click (CPC) rate when using both Conversation placement and Feed.

Test partners included HBO Max, Adobe,, The Washington Post, and Nespresso. Conversation Placement is available to all Reddit advertisers from today. 

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