Lyse campaign series blends humor with reliability to promote skincare

Lyse WorkkIt campaign

The campaign series of five 15-second adverts by Thailand-based skincare brand Lyse revolves around assignment deadlines, binge-watching, couple’s banter, and much more, with skincare taking up the top priority in each scenario.

The series of short-format advertisements by Lyse created in association with WorkkIt an advertising agency based in Bangkok vamp up the relatability factor in the campaign to appeal to the brand’s primary target group – the youth ranging from teenagers to young professionals.

The campaign series has various elements: goofy, relatable, and crisp. The campaign is set around the theme of a midnight house. Hillarious and relatable situations that one might encounter in the middle of the night are the focus points of this campaign series.

The first advertisement Boy’s love series is all about binge-watching, so while you crave for one more episode Lyse reminds one how the skin needs a good serum treatment before the binge all night. The second advertisement Online Gossiping deals with all the late-night gossip sessions while one scrolls their feeds. Lyse makes the entry to make gossip nights, skin-friendly.

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The third advertisement Assignments deals with the long-term friend: procrastination. So while one sits down with all the pending assignments, Lyse intends to handle the skincare game.

The fourth advertisement is a couple’s banter that seems to last all night long. The last advertisement, House Party starts with a few youngsters partying and enjoying. Suddenly, a beat drops, and the dead grandmother’s ghost makes sure that the kids don’t forget to apply the serum because it’s going to be another long night ahead.

The storylines are apt, quirky, and aim to resonate well with the brand’s potential customers.