25% of male users in India follow gaming influencers: Report

Gaming Report

YouGov’s International Gaming Report 2021 on the global gaming influencer landscape, sizes the gaming influencer global fanbase across 17 international markets and reveals where these influencer followers sit within the global influencer sector as a whole.

When it comes to the type of influencers followed among adults of all ages, data from the International Gaming Report 2021 suggests that just under one in ten (9%) consumers across all 17 markets follow gaming influencers. However, this changes significantly when we look at different demographic groups.

Globally, gaming influencers are the most popular type of influencer followed by males aged 18-34 years, with almost a quarter (23%) of all adults in this demographic segment following gaming personalities. The proportion is higher in Asian countries, with Hong Kong (42%) and Indonesia (36%) reporting the highest numbers within this cohort.

In India, about a fourth (25%) of young urban Indian males between 18-34 years seem to be following gaming influencers, which is higher than the proportions in the UK (11%) and the US (19%). Gaming influencers are emerging as the promotional bigwigs of the influencer marketing community.
The global pandemic has fueled the growth of the social media influencer fanbase and increased consumer gaming time, paving the way for the rise of the gaming influencer. YouGov’s 3-part global report series, ‘Game-changers: the power of gaming influencers’, is an in-depth exploration of the gaming influencer landscape, the profile and behaviors of gaming influencer audiences, and the value of trust within the influencer sector. 

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